Retail Qualifications

An essential work based qualification to consolidate skills and move ahead in the world of retail.

Who is this qualification for?

The Retail Skills SCQF Level 5, Retail Management SCQF Level 6 and Retail Sales Professional SCQF level 6 Qualifications are for

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What you'll achieve

The skills

Retail qualifications allow learners to demonstrate competence in job-related skills in their particular area of work and expertise.

These qualifications cover areas such as customer service, stock management, management, and leadership. The wide range of optional units reflects the diversity of the sector and the multi-channel nature of the modern retail business.

It is suitable for a wide range of large and small retail organisations; for example:

  • department stores
  • specialist retailers; eg electrical, IT, mobile phones, fashion, beauty products
  • DIY stores
  • food retailers; eg greengrocers, fishmongers, bakers, butchers
  • cash and carry outlets
  • supermarkets
  • retail outlets in the voluntary sector
  • retail outlets in the tourism sector; eg visitor attractions, museums

The award

Candidates employed in relevant roles in retail stores, specialist retailers, supermarkets, voluntary sector outlets or other retail operations will generate the required evidence units to achieve the Retail Skills at SCQF Level 5, Retail Management at SCQF Level 6 and Retail Sales Professional at SCQF Level 6 Qualifications.

More information

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