What we believe in

We are a small independent training provider which enables us to offer quality based & meaningful qualifications to each and every candidate.

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"We believe that achieving a qualification is for everyone, regardless of ability, background or previous achievements."

A work-based qualification represents a wonderful opportunity for people in the workplace to learn new skills, enhance existing ones and have more meaningful careers by being able to demonstrate their expertise with a nationally recognised qualification. We believe that this process should be open to everyone and work closely with employers to make that a reality.

"To put the right candidate on the right qualification at the right level at the right time."

Starting a learning qualification is not just an investment in your development, it's also a commitment to your future. We help candidates and businesses understand the facts and make informed decisions by being open, honest and most of all realistic with their requirements and expectations.

"To change employers perceptions of SVQs & Modern Apprenticeship qualifications, to show that they are a meaningful and worthwhile qualification to achieve."

We all learn in different ways, but here at SSVQ we believe that learning "on the job" should be formal, rewarded and recognised. For that reason we believe that openly discussing with employers about the benefits of enhancing the skills their workforce puts into practice every day makes sense and ultimately rewards both their business and people.

"At SSVQ we believe in Quality over Quantity."

We focus on our candidates and provide the meaningful one to one interactions that help you progress with your qualification. Our Assessors and Verifiers are seasoned industry professionals that will help guide you through your learning journey.

How to start your Qualification

A simple process for deciding and starting your learning journey.
Assess Your needs

Whether you're looking for a qualification for yourself or your team it is always a good idea to identify what area of learning will give you the most benefit.

Choose your path

Compare qualifications and pay close attention to the skills and areas each one has to offer. SQA publishes detailed information about all levels and qualifications.

talk to us for details

When you are ready to learn more, reach out to us for an in-depth discussion of your needs. We will discuss and advise on your needs and ideas and give detailed feedback.

Start your journey

Now that you've decided on the right framework the real work begins! Our industry experts will be with you every step of the way to assess your progress and give you meaningful feedback.

Talk to us today about your training requirements and the benefits of achieving a work-based qualification.

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