...life long learning is a work in progress!

Achieve more...

By gaining an industry recognised nationally accredited qualification as well as the soft skills needed to excel at the work place!

We work with employers and candidates to bring skills in the workplace and help you get ahead, here's the key benefits
  • Improve your teams focus on business objectives
  • Enhance knowledge, confidence and ultimately productivity
  • Increase understanding of policies and procedures
  • Reduce staff turnover and attract and retain better talent
  • Encourage leadership & innovation
  • Develop your people in a structured way that makes sense for the business
  • Gain a Nationally Recognised Qualification
  • Benefit from the experience & mentoring of your Assessors
  • Gain the skills & knowledge you need to progress in your industry
  • Enhance your career prospects with a recognised qualification
  • Benefit from a 12 Month NUS Student Card
A Vocational Qualification is the way to go!
Achieving a formal qualification while you do your day job is easier than you think!
Access online

Manage your learning online with free access to OneFile learning Portfolio. Access your account through our website by navigating to Candidates>Portfolio.

Gain new skills

Invest in your career by formalising your work-based knowledge and skills you have gained and are already using in the workplace!

Grow as you learn

With access to our highly experienced workplace assessors you will gain world class feedback and insights into formal theory and practice.

Put it to use

A work based qualification can open new doors and help your career along by formalising your existing skills and providing you with a nationally accredited qualification.

Learn stuff

Learning as you work is about rewarding your hard work and making sure that the skills and competencies you have gained are recognised and put to use!


Learning is about rewarding your efforts and growing as an individual because you deserve both personal and professional recognition for your efforts!

in PArtnershiP with

Modern Apprenticeships

We work with young people across Scotland to provide access to Modern Apprenticeships in a number of business areas.

Find out more below in our dedicated Modern Apprenticeship page.

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Your future at your fingertips.

Ready to learn when you are!

Our online resources mean you can access your qualification material anywhere, anytime! And with SSVQ classed by SDS QAP as a Good Provider you know that your learning journey is in good hands!

Personalised to you.

We work with candidates in a flexible manner and provide free online resources to help you complete your learning journey in a manner that suits you and your commitments!